Samsung Smartphone battery explodes in a man’s pocket in Korea

In a recent shocking incident, battery of the Samsung Galaxy Note has caught fire in a 55-year old man’s pocket in South Korea last Saturday. The battery was not in the phone when the incident happened, and the man received second-degree burns on his thigh, according to a report from a Korean site.

This is the second known time in a year that a Samsung smartphone battery has caught fire in South Korea. A similar incident happened in South Korea back in March 2012, in which a Galaxy S2’s battery exploded in a student’s pocket. A Samsung phone exploded in the face of a user back in 2010, luckily the person dis not suffer any serious injuries.

We usually hear about phones exploding while charging due to overheating, but after two similar reports of batteries exploding out the phone, it is indeed shocking. Samsung smartphones usually come with removable batteries that would let you quickly replace it with a spare battery when it runs out.

This might be a manufacturing defect, or due to some external pressure or change in temperature causing the Lithium ion battery to explode. Since this incident has not been reported, Samsung is investigating what actually happened.

Via: Huffington Post / AP

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Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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