Samsung unveils ChatON 2.0 with cross device syncing, new social features and more

Samsung’s cross platform chat application, ChatON, has received a major update bringing the version number to 2.0.5. The app serves as a competitor to the extremely popular WhatsApp and Asia based competitors like WeChat.

The latest update adds in some much appreciated features like cross device syncing. Users can log in to their Samsung account and will have access to their chat history, friend list. Chats can be carried across up to 5 devices. Improvements to the ‘My Page’ feature include a level of offline support. Comments can be posted even when offline and they’ll be published when the device next goes online. Users can now send multiple images simultaneously while tablet enhancements include push to talk voice messaging. The complete changelog is embedded below :

ChatON v2.0.5 update includes:

-Sign in with Samsung account: All connected devices receive the same message simultaneously
-Move Special buddy to More menu
-Improvement of My Page: Multiple profile images & Comment on PostON
-Change font style of chat room
-Send multiple images at once
-Send Anicon/Animessage+text

[For tablets] ChatON Tablet v1.9.3 update includes:

-Walkie-talkie [push-to-talk]
-Improvement to My Page
-Add image effects
-Add group profile editing
-Add members of chat room as a group
-Add typing status

Samsung’s mobile chat service is shaping up to be quite a competitive offering though it still suffers from the lack of users with WhatsApp having most of the user base. Do you use ChatOn ? Are you happy with the updated feature set ? Sound off in the comments below. The update is now live on the Play Store.

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