It’s Raining updates from Nokia and we have all of them covered..

Nokia has been rolling out a lot of Firmware updates and application updates from the last two days and here you can find a gist of all the major updates from Nokia in the last two days

Firmware Updates

In the spate of just two days Nokia has released firmware updates for two of its N-Series offerings and three of the E-Series devices.

Device Name

New Firmware Version











Out these five the N97 has a detailed change log which can be found here

while the the N96 has been discussed here. The updates to E71, E66 and E51 have no change log accompanying them and thus seem to have no major updates, just the normal speed improvements and stability.

The E71, E66 and E51 are S60V3.1 and thus do not have the over the air update facility like the N97 and N96. Also since E71, E66 and E51 are S60 Feature Pack 1, they also do not have the User Data Preservation so do remember to make a back up of the phones data before proceeding with the update.

If you find any changes after updating theses devices please do share in the comments……………

Application Updates

Nokia PC Suite gets Updated to V7.1.30.9

Nokia PC Suite has been updated to version today.

The application is 35Mb in size, that goes up to 290Mb on installation. Though this update does not mention any new feature but shall surely improve on the application’s stability.

When you shall run your PC Suite Application it shall prompt you to update but for any reason if this does not happen then you can download it over at the Nokia PC Suite website.

Nokia Maps 3.0 is Now Ovi Maps and a Graduate from the Beta labs

Ovi Maps 3.0 has now graduated from Beta is is directly available from The new release incorporated bug fixes and interface adjustments along with maps data updates for different countries and traffic info for those of you in North America.

The map data for India has also been updated and we have support for quite a few new cities like Chandigarh, Jaipur, Surat, Gandhinagar adding to the existing list of New Delhi (NCR), Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore amongst others. The Maps for India now weigh at 65MB.

To install this new update, you need to download the Nokia Maps Updater, a PC-only application. All you Mac users and Linux users out there still need to wait to get the Maps Updater but if are willing to update then thank Ricky Caden at the Symbian-Guru who did some well-timed searching and pulled out the straight up .sis files for both S60v5 and S60v3 Feature Pack 2 devices.

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  • Gurpreet Singh

    I hav updated my n96 with firmware. I have find its not good as compare to previous version. Bcoz its video sound decreases

  • yes the volume has been decreased…
    it was increased in the V11 update but now it a bit lower than earlier updates but more than v10 firmware, which the phone came out with….
    would love to hear from you about the stability and speed, key areas where the firmware is supposed to have improvements

  • hoggson

    FYI: The new N96 firmware does sort out a lot of the problems… but Nokia STILL need to iron out all the speed and stability issues. There are still a few app crashes, poor battery life etc 🙁