Q3 2012 sales numbers revealed by Apple

As part of its Q3 earnings report, Apple also revealed sales numbers for products across its portfolio. Not surprisingly, the iPad jumped 84% YoY to 17 million unit presumably aided by the launch of the Retina display enabled iPad 3.

iPhone sales were up to 26million representing a modest growth of 28 percent though that can probably be attributed to people holding back their purchases for the next iPhone expected in October. As part of the downward trend, Mac sales were up just 2% and this is despite the launch of the long awaited Retina MacBook Pro. In the light of lack of any major hardware changes and diminishing market for dedicated portable audio players, the venerable iPod line experienced a steep decline of 10% YoY ending in sales of about 6.8million for the 3rd quarter. The Cupertino based company reported quarterly net profits of $8.8billion and $35 billion in revenues.



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Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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