Nokia N86 8MP Camera Samples and HD Video from Launch Event

I had the chance to play with the Nokia N86 8MP at the launch event in chennai , india. I took some pics to test the much talked about Camera of the N86. I managed to even take a shot from my old N82 just in case to compare  the improvement in image quality. The above pic was shot with the N86 , they were the Models present at the N86 launch.

This is what the event was promoting See the Bigger Picture

Nokia N86 8MP Camera Samples

This is my favorite pic  !  The flash fired in most occasions ! Click the thumbnail photos for full size 8 megapixel images.

Nokia N86 8MP Video Recording

Below is a video shot with the N86. Youtube might still be processing the video. So make sure to check out the video in HD . The phone has nice zoom in and out keys on the left which lets you capture a moving object.

These are just teasers .. We will be reviewing the phone shortly

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • TJ

    so do u prefer N86 as an upgrade to N82
    I’m having N82 & 5800 WITH ME,like to upgrade N82 with N86,is it the right choice

  • SK

    its ur personel choice becuz n86 is equipped wid led flash and n82 wid xenon,sumwhat camera of n86 has more DOP than N82 and n86 has manually settings for aperture.its ur choice dude which 1 to choose.if u take night shots than N82 is there.if u video than may be n86.

  • TJ,

    Apologies for the late reply

    I would say hold on to the N82 . I love the xenon flash personally 🙂


    Nice points