Nokia might have shipped over 1 million Lumia smartphones last year

Bloomberg reports that if analyst figures are to be believed , the Nokia Lumia series of handsets might have shipped in excess of 1million handsets so far. The figure was achieved by taking an average of the input from 22 different analysts , in other words it should be taken with a pinch of salt.
Storebrand Asset Management fund manager Espen Furnes said. “If Nokia is able to have a strong launch and surpass at least 1 million and keep that type of momentum, this would help put them in a credible position that is crucial to winning back investors.” Nokia unveiled its first US centric handset ie the Lumia 900 at CES which it hopes would help it make a dent in the North American market. The phone will be sold by AT&T and will come with onboard LTE support. With MWC right around the corner , we expect to see the next round of Android handsets with the latest Android 4.0 OS and super powered specifications. Do you think the Nokia 900 will be sufficient to compete and drive sales ? We would love to hear your comments on it !

[Via- BGR]

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  • asherpat

    “Well Nokia fanboys” – there are NO Nokia fanboys, or for that matter any other “fanboys” except Apple fanboys.  The reason?  Only Apple fanboys (and that includes most of the mainstream media) yearn for Apple to crush any competition, whereas people that may even recommned and defend products other than Apple cudnt care less about the manufacturer, as long as it survives. 

    Have you even seen someone cares passionately about Microsoft, Samsung or Nokia?

    It’s only Apple.

  • Junaid2iqbal

    Instead of wasting my time on commenting Nokia’s past mistakes,now nokia should aggresively cum in market by concentrating more on smart phones,Nokia should now introduce some new operating software in their lower and middle end models and should add some different and useful applications.. 

  • Dhananjay1797

    you dont have complete information about the fly handsets on your site there are many new models which have been launched but they are not found anywhere on your website

  • Well, I’ve found that a blog has copied the entire post and given no credits to fonearena. How mean minded the author is!

    Here goes the link :