Special Sankranti Apps for Nokia phones

Here are some apps for Sankranti, the harvest festival for Nokia phones. These apps include, Sankranti SMS wishes, how to fly a Kite, Rangoli, festive games, festive recipes and more.

List of Special Sankranti Apps for Nokia phones

  • Sankranti Wishes SMS – This app helps you find the latest and best Sankranti Wishes which you can share with your friends and loved ones on the festival day.
  • My Kite – On this Sankranti, celebrate your day with flying kites. This application is designed for all ages that allows you to create, play, customize and fly a kite on a cell phone and acts as a guide to teach on how to build a real one.
  • Jallikattu – Jallikattu ‘Or Tame the Bull’ is a popular harvest sport played in Tamil Nadu as a part of Pongal/Sankranti. You can play virtual Jallikattu on your mobile phone. You need to grab the bull and hang on to it as long as possible.
  • Rangoli – Celebrate Sankranti with this Rangoli theme which allows you to design themes using vibrant colors and designs on your mobile phone.
  • Indian Recipes – This application has most popular recipes in India for you to try this harvest season. The recipes are widely researched on and have a detail list of ingredients and a step by step method on how to prepare for the meal.
All these apps are free of cost and works on most of the Nokia phones.
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Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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