Light Hands On With The Nokia N97 with Pics – FoneArena Exclusive

We had an early hands on with the Nokia N97 and while we can’t give you much in details in terms of software, we can say that the hardware on this phone is amazing.

The unit was the black one , and we have exclusive pics for your viewing pleasure !

Everything from the chrome trim to the slide mechanism for the keyboard was fantastic. It truly felt like a phone worthy of it’s price tag.

You’ll notice the Facebook widget. We also had a chance to view the Mapping program (was slightly buggy when we used it).

Check below for more pictures. Also note: This was a prototype device and we were told that the keyboard on this model was quite different from the production model.

5 MP Camera with Shutter and Dual LED Flash.

We could not click photos using the camera , so refer to the n97 camera samples.

The phone is expected to hit stores in June.  Its the most anticipated Nokia handset according to the specs and the buzz

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  • Lucky guy ! You got hold of one already huh ?! Have fun !!

  • xahid

    really AwesOme…=)

  • Its cool & nice

  • Alessandra

    I would like to know if it’ll be possible ot download SKYPE in the N97..

    Thank you

  • Guilherme viana freitas

    May i know the price?

  • Vilas Pathak

    Nokia N-97, Apple iPhone, Samsung Omnia, Palm, Toshiba, LG, lot of good stuff available in Jun 2009. How N-97 shall do in this difficult economy at Rs.35K. Can it sale well with Nokia-5800?

  • No ofcourse not, the n97 is destined to be like the n95. Once the firmware gets smoothened out along with those transition effects it might go on to live a happy hype less life; while the Omnia and iPhone live large(and die large).

  • @Alessandra

    We hear that Skype is going to come installed in N97

    @Guilherme viana freitas – price is around 600 USD

    @Vilas Pathak – See Nokia N97 might not sell as many units as the 5800 due to the price point , but its in a luxury phone league.SE Xperia was a favorite amongst the rich !


    Nice point . Do you have idea at what price n95 was launched ?

  • Yea, the n95 was launched at around 36k INR although my box had the MRP at 40k INR.

  • Wow !!Its got big memory 32GB ! I LIKE N97.

  • Anonymous

    yaaaaaaaaaa its good and exiteing