iOS developers noted to make more profit from app sales than Google makes from its mobile business

Adhering to Google’s third-quarter earnings report in the previous week, David Barnard, founder of App Cubby, established an intriguing observation on his company’s blog, Google declared a run rate of $2.5 billion for its cellular ad revenue based on third-quarter earnings, up from $1 billion a year previously.

While that feat is extraordinary, Barnard stated that Apple paid developers about $500 million between July 7th and October 4th for a run rate of $2 billion. Adding to that the money third-party ad networks like Milennial Media and Admob pay out to iOS developers over the course of a year, and “the iOS developer run rate is likely higher, maybe even significantly higher, than Google’s mobile run rate.” This means that developers who figure and retail their apps for Apple’s iOS platform will, on a whole, make lots more money over the next year than Google will earn from its complete mobile business.

Source: BGR

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