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Video: Nokia N9 unboxing

Submitted by on October 10, 2011 – 1:14 pm 14 Comments

Nokia N9 front

Yes indeed, it is finally here in my hands: Nokia’s long awaited first (and hopefully not the last) Meego Smartphone, the Nokia N9! I got my test device for the upcoming weeks this Friday, thanks to Nokia Austria, enduring a rainy trip to Vienna just to get it as soon as possible! I did not waste much time and proudly present to you now, the unboxing of the georgeous 3,9″ Touchscreen device – a true pleasure for me, as i hope it is for you! Enjoy, and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them as soon as possible!! Watch the video after the break!

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Michael Hell, certified geek, mobile jedi, amateur photographer, music addict. Down to earth and always up for new challenges. Also blogging on www.michaelxhell.com, which is my private blog for things like Photography and personal things :) Feel free to add me on http://twitter.com/michaelxhell or http://www.facebook.com/michaelxhell

  • http://twitter.com/_Nick__ Nick

    I can’t get over the fact, that the icons don’t fit the screen..

    • http://www.thoughtsfromhell.net Michael Hell

      well i think it helps remember existing users. if they shove in all new icons, people might have problems finding their way

    • http://twitter.com/jaffa2 Andrew Flegg

      Surely that’s a feature to make it obvious that there’s more content available. If the icons fitted perfectly, how would a new user know to scroll?

      • http://post404.com/ Randall Arnold

        That’s one approach, of course, but others could have been used.  Anyway, it works!

  • Fefefw

    oh man fonearena got a british reporter.

    • http://www.thoughtsfromhell.net Michael Hell

      first of all, just in case you mean me, i’m from Austria. and yes, we do have writers from the UK

  • Haqeem

    I have the black 16gb n from malaysia.
    My concerns are:
    1.only 3 profiles are available
    2.cannot customize the icon ie make a folder
    3.the sound is not loud enough
    4.built in FB apps crashes constantly
    5.keyboard is a bit too small

  • http://www.worldofphones.net adityasinghvi

    How I would like to kidnap Michael Hell right now with this and his DSLR kit! 😀

  • Jagdish Nadkarni

    Does NFC include transffering pictures/ images between phones, just by touching each other phones. I have seen that feature in some Nokia phones but can’t remember the model no, 

    • http://www.thoughtsfromhell.net Michael Hell

      yes, NFC also enables you to do that. It’s now working on the Nokia C7, 701 and N9! :)

  • nguenht

    smartphrone 😀

  • Fattouma1

    i want one

  • http://post404.com/ Randall Arnold

    The N9 is just too sexy.

  • Sheikalmasood

    Nokia is using some type of software for many years, there is no changes in any of the applications or tools or settings. even if we buy basic handsets of nokia we can see the same applications software inside it. There should be something new if nokia release new products if not it is of no use. buying nokia,  better thank nokia is samsung every time customer gets new touch and new softwares into it.

    Nokia is only famous for long use, but software wise not good.