Hong Kong 4G LTE Speed Test – 45Mbps download speeds on 1010 Network !

While I was walking down the buzzing streets of Hong Kong , I came across a rather interesting banner talking about the World’s First 4G LTE Service from HK CSL a Hong Kong Mobile Operator which is a subsidiary Telstra Corporation Limited , Australia . 1010 is the premium brand of CSL offering mobile broadband services. CSL had launched the world’s first LTE/DC-HSPA+ network in 2010 and we got to test the service at a 1010 store in Hong Kong.

The setup was rather simple with the LTE dongle plugged into the back of a 27inch iMac and the first thing we did was hit speedtest.net. Watch the speed test video below. Its actually amazing to experience such speeds without any wires !

This is the tiny modem at the back of the iMac

Looks like the Hong Kong Government has a speedtest service.  We managed to clock about 28.5 Mbps download and 23.6 Mbps upload speeds.

Here is the dialer / 4G connection manager.

Surprisingly here are the tariffs which are actually pretty reasonable for cutting experiencing cutting edge  technology.

Hong Kong 4G LTE Tariffs / Plans

1HKD = Rs.6 / 1HKD = 0.128 USD

So that translates to roughly about Rs.1500 for 1GB of data and Rs.2000 for 5GB of data and Rs.2800 for unlimited data(this is a Fair usage policy though to prevent abuse)

HKD 249 349 459
INR 1494 2094 2754
USD 31.872 44.672 58.752
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Author: Varun Krish

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