TweetS60 Twitter Client – An Exclusive Review

Until recently, there was no native client for Twitter on Symbian S60. And then Gravity came, Twittix followed it soon and now the market is abuzz with a lot of Symbian twitter clients in the pipeline.

TweetS60 is another native symbian S60 client for twitter from RavenSoft which is currently in private beta and releasing very soon.

But the big news about this client is that, the developers at Ravensoft are also working towards a free version of this client, which is a simply an amazing news for all twitter addicts like me 🙂

I was lucky to be a part of the Private Beta of the client held very recently. So Here I am, with a first hand review of TweetS60 Twitter Client.


The UI is pretty good, I especially loved the colors they have used in all the tabs. It has dedicated tabs for your main twitter timeline, @replies, Direct Messages’s, Your Favorites and Your Messages. You can do all the basic functions like Tweeting, Reply, Retweet, Direct Message, Follow, Unfollow People from the Options menu on the application.

This application has AutoRefresh option as well as Manual Refresh option, It also provide you with an option of defining some specific Access Points for the Application etc. Compacting of the database can be done from the “About” Option in the Menu as shown below.

This application is currently in private beta, therefore the application is expectedly very buggy and keeps crashing very often. It also downloads all your friends avatars into your photo gallery, which is completely unneeded and sometimes very irritating for the user. But I think this problem will be rectified during the final product release from RavenSoft.

TweetS60 Wishlist

And if the developers of this application are listening, I would love to have these features on the application 😉

1. Different Color Notification for @replies, which would be good for separating your @replies from the normal tweets in your timeline home.

2. Support for “in reply to” in tweets, which would be amazing to track down the conversations for others in twitter.

3. Support for Twitpic or any such similiar photo sharing website through which we can share our pictures with our friends/followers.

4. A Separate dedicated tab for Twitter Search for searching specific keywords in Twitter.

Do you have anything to add to the wishlist? Do Pass on your comments.

Update: The Application is no longer under Private Beta. You can download the Public Beta client here.

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