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Images of Palm Pre Box Leaked

Submitted by on May 18, 2009 – 8:00 am One Comment

Palm Pre is the most anticipated phone in USA and also by touchscreen fans worldwide .

You saw the Pre Unboxed

But here are some pics of the packaging of Palm Pre which are of the original one for sure! Have a look..


-Palm pre’s look from back side inside the box


– The outer sleek 2 part box of Palm Pre


– Palm pre manual included in the box


– Contents of the box. This time no additional stylus is provided and a pouch has been included in the original package. Also, the screen guard has not been listed here, don’t know whether its included or not.


– Geting started kits

– And the below 2 images are more random pics of the palm pre packaging.



Well, I bet, if you are a Palm pre enthusiast and is badly in need of a palm pre then you would definitely love the above pics. Needless to say – keep visiting fonearena for all latest updates about the palm pre


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  • Xyg

    Wow. Welcome to 4 days ago. No, Really, do a google news search. This exact, rehashed article, has been out there for at least that time. Good Job, FONEARENA.