Motorola kills MotoBlur due to poor public feedback, but only the name

Android powered phones are offered by companies like HTC, Samsung, Motorola and a lot of others. People always think that all Android devices are same software-wise, but I don’t agree on it. They are running on the same OS, but what differ them is the custom UI. HTC Sense UI, Samsung TouchWiz UI and not to forget Motorola MotoBlur are some of the custom Android UI’s. MotoBlur is actually the most disliked custom Android UI, and even Motorola agree on it. Motorola is phasing out the name MotoBlur because after getting some feedback from their customers, they came to a conclusion that their customers don’t like it, that’s what Motorola spokesperson told Engadget.

That doesn’t mean it’s dead, only the name is removed and Motorola devices will still feature the Blur features, like we saw on Photon 4G. Photon 4G have some new MotoBlur features, but MotoBlur wasn’t mentioned anywhere. So what actually the story is that Motorola phones will features custom widgets and tweaks, but it will be missing the MotoBlur name. Because Motorola thinks when people hear that the phone is running on MotoBlur, they change their decision before buying it. So they did that for their own good.

Well folks, what are your thoughts about the MotoBlur, give us your feedback in the comment section below.


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  • rajaspidey

    auto cut panave enaku vakku ila moto kekudha ?!! πŸ˜› lol jz kidding..!! πŸ˜‰ i hate touch wiz its copy f iOS & android but i like Sense πŸ™‚

    • Asad Rafi

      LOL, i dnt knw that language you used πŸ˜€

      • SiC

        It was tamil πŸ™‚

        • Asad Rafi

          Oh thanks for telling me that, I really dnt know that language

  • Christine Jane

    I really don’t see nothing wrong with the name but with the experience with MOTO blur. In all honesty its damn ugly. You get a better experience with a launcher such as Adw or launcher pro. MOTO blur is not at all polished looking. It looks like a cheap ass launcher from the market that no one wants. If you ask me I would totally start from scratch and call it touch Sense Ios LOL!…

  • The only extra UI I like is HTC Sense. All the others seem like they’re there only to advertise the company, not to actually make the phone better. I prefer it with just a stock OS so I can customize it.