T-Mobile Sidekick 4G leaked

I think there are still some T-Mobile Sidekick fans out there, and if you are reading this then I have good news for you. As most of you may know that T-Mobile CEO officially announced a few days ago that they will launch the Samsung Vibrant 4G and the Sidekick 4G soon. And now our friends over at T-Mo News got their hands on the first leaked shots of the Sidekick 4G. As you can see the image above, the Sidekick 4G comes with the same traditional design. The only difference is that it is manufactured by neither Sharp nor Motorola. This time, it’s manufactured by Samsung. In the image below, you will see T-Mobile, Sidekick and Samsung logo on the back side of the phone.

No word on the specs of the phone, but it is reported that it’s running Android 2.2.1 and it comes with front facing camera. As it’s a test model, I am sure that the final version will run Gingerbread.The phone comes with a pretty cool QWERTY keyboard, isn’t it? I think T-Mobile is looking forward to announce this device at the MWC. So folks stay tuned with us, because we will be at MWC. So stay around!

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