Review-CaseMate Barely There Case for Nokia N8


We all love our devices and we wish to keep them in the same condition as possible. But it is not always possible because a few bumps, scratches or falls are bound to occur even if we are the most careful users.So we opt for accessories to protect our devices. Some people go for pouches while others go for cases or even the new products such as the InvisibleSHIELDs.

Even in these three categories, there are a lot of options to choose from in terms of design, material and colour. But the basic question that comes into mind for every user is which case or puch provides maximum protection while adding the least amount of bulk or least amount of hindrance to the usage.

That’s where the Casemate Barely There steps in. The case provides maximum protection to your phone while still allowing full access to the phone. Lets see how it performs as compared with other Nokia N8 Cases.


The CaseMate Barely There Case comes in a clear packaging that allows the user to take a look at the case easily. Here are the contents of the package:

We were glad to see that they have also provided proper installation guidelines and tools for the screen protector.

The design is one of the best aspects of the Case Mate Barely There Cases for the Nokia N8. They have been designed to fit the Nokia N8 perfectly and unlike other companies they have taken proper steps to ensure that there are no issues using it.
The case fits the N8 like a glove. There is no extra plastic on the top and bottom or on either sides.

The case protects mainly the back and sides of the device. The top, bottom and front portions remain uncovered. But considering that the N8 is a Gorilla Glass touchscreen phone, I think it doesn’t matter since it protects itself.

It covers everything on the back except for the Xenon Flash, Camera lens and Loudspeaker slots. On the left, there are gaps to access the microSD card slot, the SIM card slot, the microUSB slot and the charging LED indicator. On the right, the gaps allow access to the volume keys, the keyguard slider and the camera shutter button. On the lower part at the back, they have also included the slot for the lanyard.


The unit which we have for review is the Black one and that has a matte finish. If I am right, the Chrome one has a Glossy finish. While the Chrome might be more flashier, I guess the Black is more ideal for use. The Matte finish provides more grip to the Nokia N8 and prevents it from slipping off your hands.

The case addresses one main issue that I found with most other N8 cases-it combines the gap for the volume keys and keyguard slider thus making the slider easy to use. On most other cases, there was a separation in the gap and thus sliding the keyguard was an issue for most especially those without long nails.

The matte effect prevents any fingerprints or smudges from sticking on and also prevents your palms from getting sweaty. The case is quite light and thin, adding hardly any extra weight and thus it still is quite easy to carry around.


The matte effect on the back helps a lot to prevent the handset from falling from your hands and getting damaged. The phone is protected from scratches, smudges and impacts thanks to the flexible impact resistant plastic shell.

Well it may not protect your device from a massive fall etc but small bumps and falls are definitely a no bother. The case also prevents the camera lens from getting smudged by your fingers as it is further recessed into the casing.


If you want a case for your Nokia N8 that is quite light and comfortable but at the same time provides decent protection, look no further, the Case-Mate Barely There Series is the best solution for you.

You can buy the Black Case here and the Chrome (Silver) one here.

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Author: Sandeep Sarma

Sandeep Sarma is a blogger and a freelance photographer. Apart from gadgets and phones, he also has a passion for movies and cars. He currently uses the S7 Edge as his main phone. Catch him on twitter at @sandeep9sarma

  • Alfreed Jiocy

    I love the devices and I also wish to keep them in the same condition as possible. Thanks a lot. 🙂

  • JYO

    this phone is too delicate to handle my earlier samsung phone was much better
    it had fallen from my hands so many times but nothing gr8 ever happened
    and N8 is so delicate i wud say other phone much better
    evry time it fell it has got a dent
    now even it has broken [the part where v insert headphones]
    wen i ask for replacement they say shipment on its way
    awful service
    nokia sucks badly
    ther service centre guy himseelf says hig end nokia phones nt very gud
    very bad as this is d first time i took nokia as ppl say it has sturdy phones & GUD BATTERY BACKUP BUT TO MY DISMAY AWFULLY LOW BATTERY BACKUP

  • Doug

    Hey, can you guys at Fone Arena confirm whether or not the case affects photo quality when the flash is used?

    I’ve heard that certain cases a which are designed with no buffer around the flash can cause photo quality issues when the flash is used. The flash seems to reflect off the case and ruin photos.

    Can you confirm if that’s the case with this? I’m really looking at purchasing this but don’t want to waste the money if there are going to be photo quality problems.