Pencil key maps itself to Nokia 5800

I often see my cousin and I finding it difficult to actually select multiple sms’s for deletion and also for choosing photos to appear as wall papers or even multiple delete without having to each time choose the mark all, mark options in the option menu every time we wanted to in the Nokia 5800.

Thanks to Juriy Bakunin aka JBAK, who was kind enough to notify the short comings, he has released a wonderful application called the JBakPensil.  It is the key that allows you to do multiple selection. Older S60 Nokias have this, the new one don’t have it anymore. It allows you to select any 1 key to emulate the pencil key to have the multiple selection option so as to be able to do several editing, selecting and deleting actions at once.

Download the The Pencil application here->

Symbian Signed the application here->

Once installed, you’ll be greeted with a simple red screen. From here, you should press whatever button you want to be the ‘pencil’ key. I would recommend the red ‘end’ key. Now press save, and then back, and you should be good go to. Simply hold the button down to select multiple items in a list, or highlight one and press the key, then move to the next one. It’s that easy!

Cheers all! And do give the guy a donation…

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Author: Team FoneArena

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