Dell Streak getting Android 2.2 OTA update soon

A very happy news to all Dell Streak Owners. Dell have posted that they are pushing out 2.2/Froyo update for the customers by the end of the year. Amy-B from Dell says that the OTA update of Froyo/2.2 for Dell streak will be pushed very soon. She also added that the customers everywhere will be updated to FroYo within this year. Dell also says that they wont release android 2.1 to the variants and will update all the variants to 2.2.

P.S: Dell have released 2.1 update for UK customers.

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  • Steve C.

    Ok seriously? You just published information 10 hours ago that has been available and almost viral in the method for which is has been searched for well over 2 months now!

    Appreciate your desire to get the news out there to people that want to know, but don’t you think that it should be current news? or shall we simply respond by saying “welcome to the present… how did the past treat you on your vacation?”

    If you want to let us know something, let us know what “very soon” means.

  • karthik

    This might make the streak formidable.

  • Scott Deagan

    Too little too late. Was appalled by the whole Dell Streak experience, so much so that I sold my handset and purchased a brand spankin’ new Samsung Galaxy S.