China Unicom has completely sold the first shipment of iPhone 4, 100,000 iPhone 4 sold

Apple iPhone 4 is for sure the best iPhone yet. Recently Apple launched the iPhone 4 in China, and now VP of China Unicom is saying that China Unicom has completely sold the first shipments of iPhone 4, and the first shipment totaled 100,000 units, and they also said that it only took 4 days to sell out. More than 200,000 customers have pre-ordered the iPhone 4, and now the company has stopped the online reservations due to the very huge demand. When Apple released the Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS in China, it took one month for Unicom to sell 100,000 devices, and this time only 4 days, which is a great improvement. But I think that’s low if you compare it with the population of China, which is more than 1.3 billion. In USA, Apple sold more than 1.7 million iPhone in only 3 days, and population of USA is only 350 million. Now if you compare it with China sales, it’s way less. What do you people think?

via BGR

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  • shak


    I don’t why people so fond of iPhone4……i think this phone is similar to other phones.
    What I believe iPhone become more as status symbol that mere phone. People in general want to show others they are rich…….thats all. I think this the force behind iPhone sale.

    • Asad Rafi

      I am 110% agree with you. Most of the people buy the iPhone for showoff. You can call iPhone a mobile celeb, this phone is just a celeb of smartphones.