Apple iPad Hong Kong Prices almost same as USA

The Apple iPad is now available in Hong Kong and the prices are almost same as USA. The base 16GB WiFi model costs 3888 Hong Kong Dollars which is roughly about 500 USDHere is the list of prices compared with the Singapore and USA prices

If you want to buy an iPad in Asia Hong Kong looks like the most lucrative option. Still no world on India release.

Honestly we don’t know if there are any taxes applicable in Hong Kong. So any one from HK enlighten us please !

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • DTH

    There are no sales taxes in HK

  • Hao

    Electronic goods in HK are not taxable. Therefore it is much cheaper to buy there but if ICA founds out you still have to pay 7% (=

    • TL

      If you buy for own use, just strip it from packaging, and take it just like your other electronic gadget, then no tax.

  • Ajhira

    HK is tax free for all products… the price stated is all you pay…

  • No GST (sales tax) in HK, so these would be the all-in prices. Apparently sold out in the first 30 minutes of release though, so get in line!

  • Yes, it is much cheaper as compared to other countries.

    Unfortunately, the iPads are completely sold out within hours after the launch date.

    • Martin

      Hi have a quastion going for buisness trip to Hong Kong wish to buy Ipad Apple and I phone can any one tell me if i buy electronic from HK will it still work in EUrope (Poland) or will have problems with it.

      Please answer it any one.

      Many Thanks


    • Janice

      So now currently out of stock or depends to my luck also??

  • Janice

    Thanks for the information..
    thanks alot guys ^^