Antenna Gate is not yet over , Apple silently adds Nokia N97 Mini to the death-grip


The Apple iPhone 4 Antenna Gate fiasco might be far from over. Looks like Apple has silently added the Nokia N97 Mini to the list of devices on it’s Antenna website.

One question to Apple – Do you hold your phone or choke your phone ?

One question to FoneArena readers do you experience any signal problems with the N97 Mini ?

We did not have any problems few months ago when we tested the handset

Watch the video below.

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • Arjun

    I dont understand why Apple is not accepting its Fault… Its been a year since i’ve been using my Nokia N97mini and i dint had any kind of antenna problem… Apple must apologise to Nokia and all the other companies they pointed fingers at…

  • chetan

    I make calls holding my nokia n97 mini and normal usage no drop in bars, i do not try to crush it with my left hand :-))

  • apaul

    yeah right! people are gonna hold their N97 mini like they are trying to crush it, while making a call; Apple when will you grow up?

  • faho

    when u try to hide an antenna , u WILL lose reception bars, no matter what device u r using. BUT nokia puts the antennas in places that u wouldnt totally hide in a normal use. if u want to lose more bars in an UNNATURAL way, u can just rip off the antenna of the back and thats it… no bars!
    for the iphone 4 to lose signal, all u have to do is just touch a single spot, in a very usually touched place.. and u WILL lose signal!
    thats why i never had this problem on my N97/E72/N85/n95… nokia puts the antennas away from the user! they dont put them in “the most likely to touch part ” of the phone like apple!

  • PhoneSeeker

    Why the hell someone will hold the phone like that? During a phone call I hold the phone with my fingers but not with the palm “GRIP”, its a cellphone not a land line telephone receiver.
    Apple is eaten up!!!