Review: iPad cases from Speck

The first thing that makes Apple products stand out of the crowd, is it’s aesthetic design and elementary looks and that what makes Apple fan boys like us to show off our latest purchase. But the simple problem that lies with all the shiny gadgets in the world that it easily get scratched and smudges seems to swim all over it in no time and Apple products are no exceptions here. Exactly same thing happened, I got my shiny new iPad and within hours it’s oleophobic screen was full of smudges, I found a lint free cloth on old spectacle box and used it to clean the screen and with little force I had my first scratch on my iPad. Not only me, we have received hundreds and hundreds of mails from many early adopters asking us to suggest them a iPad case cover and even those who don’t have iPad and feels this post is not for you, I must warn you are missing something.

I received two cases from Speck one is CandyShell and another one is Fitted Case.

CandyShell Case

First glance over this case and I bet your are sold, the case looks extremely loud, trendy and cool. We received the NightShade Purple and it looked too hot. It comes in a plastic box with only the CandyShell Case no lint free cloth(screen film) .

On the inside of the Candyshell there is rubber lining with numerous holes interspaced which I assume it work as shock absorption via the capacity of the rubber. The lower portion has the Speck logo on the flip back panel which allows the iPad to sit in a dock or to a connector without removing the Candyshell Cover.

The back the flip back panel is used to dock the iPad with either the regular or keyboard dock. Speck warns not to use the flip back panel as a stand or “foot”, so don’t even think of that. When the iPad’s dock connector is not being used the back panel keeps it covered and away from harm. Openings for the headphone jack, screen orientation lock are exposed and the speakers are covered with the cover, dots inbuilt. The power and volume buttons are protected by the inner rubber lining to keep liquids and other hazards away, over all the design is very satisfactory.

The back part is very prone to scratches and smudges more than even iPad’s back, if you keep it over a uneven or hard surface or if you try to spin it you will end loosing the shiny back surface.


Enough on design, now let’s focus on it’s usage. With the help of the cover, the iPad feels more hard and feels solid in hand. The installation and removal of CandyShell is very easy , accessing all the iPad’s buttons is ease but volume control and the on/off switch needs more force in order to work. I have tried reading 10 pages of a book via iBooks App holding in different position and trying different posture with different sitting habits, I must say this thing works.

Likes & Dislikes:


  • Very well built
  • CandyShell is easy to install and remove
  • Dock support is excellent
  • iPad buttons are protected and insulated
  • Feels solid in hand


  • Screen film not included
  • Fingerprint & Scratch magnet
  • Half of the body is protected


If you are looking for a good protective case for the iPad then the Speck Candyshell is not a bad choice. At $49.95, it’s get costly and without including the screen protector is the biggest no no. Though it looks good while offering protection for the sides and back of your iPad. However the glossy finish on the back is a fingerprint & scratch magnet which may turn some people off. This is a open type model, in which the upper part is exposed which is obviously not a good idea for many people, this can only be recommended , if you travel less and spend most time at home or at office.

Fitted Case

Another case from Speck, this is a ultra trendy and classy looking case cover, the design is completely different from the CandyShell. Basically it is a hard plastic shell covered in a fabric finish with various patterns and color available. For our review we received the Classic Plaid Grey.

The case is comprised of two halves – the hard shell case that rests on the back of the iPad and a front bezel ring that locks the iPad within the case. Speck designed the Fitted iPod case with openings for all buttons, controls, sensors and connectors. The front and sides have a rubbery texture for improved grip ability, while the back is protected by hard plastic and a fashionable cloth material, so no scratches, smudges and fingerprint complain here.

The build is pretty good, it also feels solid in hand and most important you can keep it over any surface without the fear for scratch and smudges.


The feel of fabric on the hand is good than any other plastic, the clips also makes it look more fat but that does’t provide any issue. The installation is also easy so as it’s removal. the only fear is that if any one clip gets crack or breaks the whole thing will be unusual. This design also leads to free up all the connectors, so they are exposed and can be home for dust. And again this a open type model so the front remains unprotected and Speck also do not provide any screen protector with it..

Likes & Dislikes:


  • Nice and classy looks
  • Easy access to all buttons and connectors
  • Installation & removal is easy
  • Feels solid in hand
  • No scratch, finger print issues here


  • Broken clips may render the total case useless
  • No dock access support here
  • Screen film not included
  • Half of the body is protected


At $49.95 the Speck Fitted iPad Case is surely not for everyone, although I did like the overall design of the Fitted iPad Case my main concern involves the clips that lock the two halves together. It surely takes away the issue of scratches but not including screen film is disappointing. I will always prefer a Fitted case over a CandyShell case but my small brother likes the former most.


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  • rAg

    the fitted case looks much better and useful. The basic point that the case has a fabric finish on back is a winner. Anything except glossy finish looks good.

    It would have been nice if the same case had a matte finish instead of fabric. In indian conditions maintaing a fabric case without getting it dirty is quite difficult!!

    I dont think it will be a problem with breakage of clips and stuff. I atleast, hardly ever remove the case from my iphone. So once its on it iPad i dont think people will remove it frequently.

    Rest i loved the case.

    PS: this would definitely be an awesome addition to my iPad πŸ˜‰

  • Tom McBaum

    The word you’re looking for is aesthetic. Look up atheistic. It’s probably not what you meant to say. Unless Apple really is as godless as its most vehement critics claim.

    • Good catch Tom. Fixed. Looks like he was typing this on a iPad or iPhone and it auto-completed by mistake πŸ˜‰

  • rAg

    So… Any winners you picked up varun? I think it will be 48hrs by tomorrow morning 5:00 AM πŸ˜‰

  • Bibhudendu

    Both the covers are good…but i like the 1st one better !!..and its a nicely written article !!

  • rAg

    Hey varun,

    Thanks for picking me up as a winner man!! This is great news.. wohooooo

    This will be awesome for my new ipad i will be getting this weekend..

    But how can i contact you varun?

    • We have shared your details with Speck. They will contact you soon

      • rAg

        Thanks a ton dude.. Appreciate it πŸ™‚

  • Maulik

    Only one winner but there are two cases

    • Samrat

      We are giving away new iPad cases not the used ones., and you can get one for yourself by using the discount code provided above. πŸ™‚

  • rAg

    Hey guys,

    I got a mail from speck yesterday requesting the choice of cover and my shipping details. I provided all the details they needed. Hope to get it in a few days πŸ™‚

  • ipad got so many problems,but still can’t stop people buying.
    I guess just outlooking attract many,and some Personalize setting make you more comfortable.
    Specially,it never similar with any others,so if you are conditioned to use Apple stuff,you are in.

  • rAg

    Hey i got the case today, i must say it is awesome!!! thanks guys..

  • Thank you for providing the perspective. I just read a part of the article,so I don’t know much what to say. Good luck for the new member!