iRobot Android Tablet aka APad Photos and Video

Thanks to the phenomenal response to the APad post and thanks to user Jean from France who has shared Photos and Video of the iRobot / APad with us. The APad is running on Android 1.6 and is reportedly having a battery life of around 3-4 hourson WiFi.  Not bad at all for a really cheap iPad clone. Enjoy the pics and video after the break

This 7 inch Android based tablet is selling pretty well in China. Considering the fact the it is running on Android OS , you get access to all Google apps /services and the entire Android Market ! If an Android Tablet is so cool, we can’t wait for Meego based tablets to arrive ! Now anyone buying an APad ?

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • apaul

    Buying an ipad……ur kidding me?!

  • I actually bought one from ebay. Let’s see. Just figured it is cheap enough to be used and discarded if it does not meet my needs (Internet and PDF).
    One of the interesting things about it, and that convinced me to buy the Apad, is Android — easily customizable and a friendly IU.

  • obtanium

    bleepsblops it does both fine… interent is awesome with opera 5 beta (in marketplace for free). LAST.FM makes the thing so perfect you will be super pleased. One day with this thing and I’m already used to it.

  • Mir

    hi obtanium ipad,
    As u have been using this ipad i jt want to know does it support internet. can we browse, check and repl the mails n also is it useful for the social networking sites, ? ?

  • absar

    want to buy an apad irobot
    Has it released in india, if not when is it going to be released and if yes where should i go to get this apad irobot, pls reply to me.

  • ankit

    whr is this available in mumbai?

  • Armenuhi

    Dear All
    please give me an advice
    I have bought an iRobot, but at the top of my screen, there is a message like: demo version

    what does it mean??????????

  • hiren

    hi i have i robot 8in. i buy it from us. but i dont like that much but u have to make good camara and all body of that pice is not that much good. i buy it whith 8gb card. or i wnat to buy tv out cable. so pls send me some information about tv out cable.