HTC G1 Google mobile in comparison with iPhone

Apple should sure be proud. iPhone is slowly becoming the benchmark for hi-tech handsets. After Nokia N96, it is now the turn of HTC T-Mobile, Google’s Android to be compared to the iPhone.

Features of HTC T-Mobile G1:

Multimedia – Audio, photo taking and storing, games, applications

Internet/Software – Wi-fi, web browser, Android applications, YouTube, GPS, personal email

Input Method – Touch screen (not multi-touch), QWERTY keyboard, trackball

Memory – 1GB, microSD (expandable to 8GB)

Display Size (diagonal) – 3.17 inches

Dimensions – 4.60 X 2.16 X 0.62

Connectivity – Bluetooth, External USB

Battery life – 130 hours standby, 5 hours talk time

Carrier – T mobile

Camera – 3 MP

Colours – White, brown, black

Features of iPhone 3G (8GB):

Multimedia – Audio, Video, photo taking and storing, games, applications

Internet/Software – Wi-fi, web browser, Apps store, YouTube, GPS, personal email, Exchange

Input Method – Multi-touch Touch screen

Memory – 8GB

Display Size (diagonal) – 3.5 inches

Dimensions – 4.50 X 2.4 X 0.48

Connectivity – USB, 3.55mm (standard) headphone jack, Bluetooth

Battery life – 300 hours standby, 5 hours talk time

Carrier – AT&T

Camera – 2 MP

Colours – White, black

Specifications-wise, the iPhone 3G beats G1. But who out performs the other in the market remains to be seen.


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  • Zopfan

    2 queries:
    Do IPhone and G1 (Google Phone) have stereo sound and if we can synchronize their contacts etc with PC as we do for Nokia smartphones?
    Pls reply.

  • Both phones dont have stereo speakers but have stereo headphones .

    For transferring contacts contacts you can use mobileme for iphone

    Its not clear about G1

  • ef


  • zopfan

    thank you varun.
    But I asked if they’ve stereo sound (did not ask about stereo speakers/headphones).
    But, I assume that since they’ve stereo headphones, they must be outputting stereo sound also (though it is not 100% of a rule).
    Does IPhone only transfers contacts? Does it not synchronize with Outlook modules (like Notes, Tasks, Calendar etc) and briefcase (as nokia phones do)?