HTC Legend Launching Soon in India ?

The HTC Legend scores full marks in the looks department and feels great to grip in the hand as it’s sculpted out of a single block of Aluminum . This Android 2.1 handset might be launched in India soon as it just popped up on the HTC India website.


The Legend has legendary looks and design along with HTC Sense UI with a special Helicopter view. It also features a 3.2 inch AMOLED Screen and a optical trackpad.

Regarding the expected price of the Legend, It may cost anywhere between Rs.27,000 to 30,000

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • Lakshmanan

    Correction: Legend has 3.2″ AMOLED 262K Capacitive Touchscreen. Desire is the one which has 3.7″ screen. And pricing might be Rs.25550/- for the legend, as per retailers comments here in India

    • thanks for the info .. looks like we are in love with 3.7 inch screens 🙂 fixed the typo. . I heard 28K. If its 25K will be a really attractive offering

  • Richu

    It’s 16M not 262k I don’t think price will be that low it will be close to 30000.

  • Kittu

    Any one has any clue as to when Legend is being launched in India? Any news of Desire’s launch in India?

  • HTC Legend already available in India! (24,990 excluding vat).. The Desire will launch by end of may (as given to me in writing by HTC support).

    • Thanks for the info Kalpik

    • Kittu

      Thanks for the info Kalpik. I have not been able to find one vendor who has Legend available. In fact everyone of the dealers for HTC said that it would be launched sometime end April/ early May!

      I am also not sure of the price you mentioned as Hero itself is priced higher and Legend is of a higher spec. However, if it is indeed the price for the Legend, then it is a great deal!


      • Kittu

        I might be wrong. And happily so. My info was about a week to ten days old.

        Need to go out and check the latest info from the vendors….

        Thanks for the info Kalpik will check it out and let u know…


      • Its available here in Chennai from 3-4 dealers

        • Lakshmanan

          Varun, I tried here with Univercell, Poorvika and Wavetel. Only Poorvika said, price is Rs.23200/-. They say 3 pieces sold out first day and no more stocks. The rep said he will get it tomorrow! Univercell and Wavetel say it will arrive soon and have no specific date for release.

          Hey richu. Legend has AMOLED 262K Capacitive Touchscreen. Check this page if you dont believe,

          Hey kittu. Hero is Rs.22000/- but no stocks no production.

          But nothing is confirmed until someone really buys it 🙂

          • Did you try Vasavi ?

          • Lakshmanan

            Never heard of Vasavi before. I’ve called them, visited their website. They say Rs.23,000/- and stocks available. Not a bad deal i would say. Thanks for the shop name, Varun.

          • My pleasure . Good luck with getting the phone 🙂

          • Lakshmanan

            anymore shops you know of?

  • Karteek

    Was hoping the desire would be launched sooner than tat.. 🙁 varun wat might be the expected price of desire? Also is the legend on a carrier or is it available in stores?

    • Lakshmanan

      Desire will be launched by end of may. When looking at legend’s price, i expect the Desire to be priced Rs.27000/- to Rs.29500/-

  • Legend is avaulable sim free.. Not locked to any carrier.. I was myself expecting the Desire to release sooner.. Been waiting for it for a long time! 🙁

  • diwakar

    Waiting for the super legend to come.


    any body want to buy HTC-P3350 its brand new phone ,this phone is replaced by old me on my No 09419105024.

  • Kittu

    Ok folks, I finally decided to take the jump rather than wait till Desire is launched!

    Initial feel, I am quite happy! Not much time to try it out as I am traveling international and am not for trying the data options and all while on international roaming. Pity I did not have time to get a BSNL 3G account before leaving.

    I paid 24k for the handset with taxes and all. Can’t seem to get enough of playing with the new toy!

    Call clarity and all has been pretty good till now in Europe. Waiting to get back and try out some of the other options. Tried a couple of photos from the phone and was impressed with the clarity. Am yet to transfer the photos to my laptop to see how they look. On the phone however, pretty impressive!

    On the flip side, the handset is a bit slippery (thanks to the metal body) and you might want to get a screen protector and a phone cover. I did not have time to get one and am regretting that… already!

    I feel it was a good buy as of now. More later!


  • Kittu

    An update to my previous update!!!

    2 things which are not “Legend”ary….

    Wireless is weak…. I guess the signal strength is on the weaker side…may be all the aluminum in the body is ‘shielding’ the antennae.

    The battery is also not long lasting. With no additional services turned on (data, wireless, low brightness screen and phone in powersave mode) and occasional calls (maybe 2hrs) and alarm 3 times a day, max I got was for about 30 hrs….

    When you enable the data options, use the camera and also use the phone to play games and do other things, then maybe 8-9 hours…. we could have done with a longer battery life.

    For those who have one, EcoCharger is a brilliant app which monitors the charging function and reports audibly when the battery is charged to a 100%. This means that you can remove the charger and save on the life of the battery.

    I am currently using another app for wireless signal search which is very good. It is Wifi Analyzer v2.3.1 by farproc. Available on the market place.


    • Thanks for sharing your experience Kittu.

      Are you using the phone on 2G or 3G ?

  • Thanks for sharing your experience dear….