Exclusive : iPhone 3GS India Pricing Information and March 24th Launch

We have some exclusive news about the iPhone 3GS India launch and the pricing information after the March 15   rumor

We have  confirmed with multiple sources regarding the launch and all suggest that the 3GS is indeed launching this week or at-least the bookings are opening

There some confusion about the number of operators involved in the launch. Some say it’s just Airtel and Vodafone and the rest say it’s Airtel , Vodafone , Reliance GSM and Aircel.Regarding the pricing the 16gb version would retail for Rs.33500 approx and the 32gb version would retail for Rs.42000 approx . That’s almost 700 to 900 USD for a locked phone.

The handset will still be locked to the network for a year and the handset might come with bundled with some free internet usage /  promotional tariff

Chk out our Review of the iPhone 3GS to decide if this phone is worth the money but you can always take a weekend vacation to Hong Kong !

So,  are u still excited about the iPhone 3Gs ?

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Author: Varun Krish

Varun Krish is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast and has been blogging about mobile phones since 2005. His current phones include the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge , Apple iPhone 6S Plus & Nexus 5X. You can follow him on Twitter @varunkrish and on Google+ You can also mail Varun Krish

  • Shiv

    @ xyzabc & TJ

    You guys say 4g phone is being lanunched but better curse your own corrupt telecom and defence Ministers who are playing mockery of even releasing 3G spectrum.

    We will just keep dreaming of 4G when these basta*ds dont even release 3 G without taking bribes from private companies.

    Mera desh mahaan 100 mein se 99 Beimaan..

    • TJ

      yes mate … that’s why u find that some of the best supersmartphones such as Nokia N900//Nexus one//iphone 3g//Xperia 10//may never come to India or r cuming too late..limited 3g,that is AvaiLable in some cities only is a big setback for that.

  • rAg


    by 4G he is referring to 4th generation iphone and not iphone with 4G compatibility!!

  • TJ

    Lol,as i have mentioned throughout, consumers always justify their smartphone by critisizing other Mobile OS,there is just no end to it

  • Prabin Joel

    Guyz…. Iphone 3GS battery life is very poor!!!!! I’m not satisfied with the battery life… its not a great idea to carry iphone 3GS for a long trip!!!!! 🙁
    except this iphone 3GS is simply superb!!!!

    • Techkid

      really! My 3gs 32gb battery lasts for 5 days in standby and 2-3 days with regular use.

      If you have battery issues try this.. turn off push notifications and restart your phone, you should see a huge difference in your battery consumption now.

  • AlmostDeadWhileAwaiting3GS

    Guys, any confirmation on the date it’s getting launched ?

    • iphone_geek

      here’s conforming airtel is starting the prebooking from 24th that is tommmorrow for iphone 3g s atleast in pune,,cheers

  • iFreak

    Hi ,
    Just spoke to a person at the Reliance istore Phoenix mills Mumbai , its comming on the 26th on both vodaphone and airtel .
    Available on Pre Book @ reliance istore .
    Price’s are horrendous ….. 40.5k for 16gb and 47.5k for 32gb .

    • AlmostDeadWhileAwaiting3GS

      @iFreak, You sure ? Isn’t the price supposed to be 33K for 16GB and 42K for 32GB. That’s already too high, raising it further will be INSANE

      • iFreak

        Yea dude … u can call reliance istore on 022240040606 . U can prebook it and will get ur handset bi 26th or 27th . Minimum prebook is Rs 10,000 .

        Better option is to buy it frm grey market .

        • TJ

          Or much better to wait for iPhone 4g ..and buy it from grey..I can’t see buying a phone for +40k irrespective of the platform.features.

  • Richu

    Future competition will be between HTC Newly announced HTC Super Sonic 4G & iPhone 4G. Super sonic has the specification same as the HTC HD2 with monstrous 4.3 inch screen only difference is the super sonic is Android & 8 mp with 720p recording. Now waiting for iPhone 4G announcement which will be announced in couple of month.

  • SAM

    Waste wait for the new Iphone 4