HTC Desire Price Revealed, Arriving on April 1


The HTC Desire was announced at MWC 2010 and we  brought you live pictures of this monster which is powered by a 1GHz CPU and features a 3.7 inch AMOLED Display.

Now the price of the Desire has surfaced on Amazon UK and is due to be released on April 1st.

The price of the phone is around 440 British pounds or Rs.30000 approx.The handset is expected to go on sale starting from April 1 2010.The price is for a unlocked phone without a contract.

Some feel that the specs of the Nexus one and the Desire are pretty similar and the Desire might be the Non-Google version of the Nexus One. The handset features the famous HTC Sense which gives Android a whole new meaning !

As a bonus we have a video of the HTC Desire from MWC 2010

Which handset are you going to buy ? Nexus One or Desire or the Legend ?

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Author: Team FoneArena

A team of mobile geeks

  • TJ

    I have already got A Nexus One,this is my first Android Phone,and i am loving it

    • Tarun,

      Where and for how much did you buy it ?

      • hrishikesh

        available on ebay
        around 35k..
        but i prefer the desire..

  • I’ll go for the Legend. It has all the goodness of the Nexus one plus The SENSE ME UI and after all. No matter nexus or Legend… It’s Android! ^_^

    • Sanjay

      I have one HTC Desire and want to sell.

      • devinder

        hi ni want ur phone

      • Nithanth


        I’m interested. Could you please quote a price and let me know how I could contact you? I’m from Bangalore.

      • Andy

        hey whats the price

  • TJ

    Got it from US,my cousin is in US,i paid 28k(around 2-3k for shipping).the phone works & feels great,it is super thin

    • Super thin is cool but take care .. There have been few instances of screen getting damaged

    • lezeik

      What the hell are u talking about? This phone comes out april 9th, so there is no way whatsoever you can get your hands on it pre-release. And if you’re talking about the Legend, do it somewhere else. In my opinion the spacing between screen and fysical buttons on the Legend makes it look so much appeal. The fact the phone has a slight curve ain’t my thing either, would feel weird in a tight pockets. Desire FTW!!!

      • Manu

        Hey lezeik

        when u r replying like this just read the comments fully. he was talking abt Nexus one. not HTC desire or legend.. and also desire is too good than legend..

        • lezeik

          Sorry, didn’t notice he was talking about the N1.

  • Suck IT

    I’m getting a Nexus one and root it with the htc sense. Now i have the best hardware and the best OS.

  • Raghu

    Hi friends,
    I heard abt n1 frm u all, cud u guys tel me how 2 buy it frm ebay,and has any1 calibrated touchscreen of n1?cz in youtube I found mny videos of screen prb. Ru ppl sure desire will be released by april in india? Plz answer. Has n1 got guitar app like 3gs? Sm1 plz upload video in youtube abt n1 review

  • Rajat Jain

    I will go for the HTC Legend if the price is a stated rs 30000 , it will be an impulse buy for me , the momment it comes to India

  • Karteek

    When will it be released in india? Also is the desire better the iphone?

  • Sanjay

    I have one HTC Desire and want to sell.
    If, any body is interested, plz contact me.

    • Vishal

      Hi Sanjay,

      Can you plz quote the price of HTC desire you want to sell off & the reason behind your selling ? Moreso what all accessories will you be giving along with the set & the colour of the handset is ??

      You can mail me at

      Thanks & Regards

    • Sanjeev

      Hi Sanjay:

      I am interested in you HTC Desire phone.Do lemme know of your e-mail ID in case you are still open to selling it.


  • vivek

    Dear Sanjay,
    plz send your offer price for htc desire at

  • Sanjay

    I have one HTC Desire with me@Delhi and want to sell. Any body interested, please contact @9953459448. I had purchased it at Rs.39000/- and it carries all accessories with it.

  • Sanjay

    also mail me at

  • sam9s

    April 1 !!!! what a joke … its still not available anywhere in India!!!! and its Aug 1 damm!!!

  • frustratedwhilewaiting4desire

    every time u ask them they say another 2 weeks considering the demand in the country the company should just come out with an official statement…

  • HTC desire is the best phone in the market today if it tags the iphone then it’s the look and the screen resolution.
    The camera of this phone is pretty decent , Over all I love this phone.