Vodafone India opens bookings for iPhone

Vodafone India has opened up bookings for the iPhone 3G .. although it would be just a 2G phone here.

There is a Pre Registration page on Vodafone’s website which lets you book your iPhone.

Both 8GB and 16GB versions will be available

Interesting Microsoft Exchange Support is going to be there .. What happens to Blackberry’s ball game in India ?

The page says Currently compatible only with 2G networks. Only select features and services
are currently available in India.

Features they claim

  • 8GB and 16GB
  • Assisted GPS
  • New applications
  • Greater autonomy
  • Microsoft Exchange

Go book your phone now ..


you can also register by sending IPHONE to 56789

I just got an email confirmation after registering

Congratulations! You have successfully booked your iPhone.
Thank you for booking your new iPhone 3G, with Vodafone. We will keep you updated on its price, features and availability in due course.
Till then, if you have any further queries feel free to call us on 111 (toll free) and we'll be happy to help

I cant wait to get the pricing information from them

Lets see … looks like the Phone will be launched in India also on July 11th

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • kalai

    now a days, vodafone become very worst. they are charging lot of hidden charges. at present they announcing the call conference work with only fifty rupees minimum balance. The people can not maintain min fifty rupees balance at all times.

    This should clearly show that the Vodafone is Bad Network

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