Nokia E Series gets a tad sexier with the E71 and E66

Nokia finally officially announced the much awaited E71 and E66 in London earlier this week.

Nokia E71

The E71 looks much sleeker than the E61i monster . I have owned a E61i and it was huge an difficult to use at times…in 1 hand .. E51 is a lot smaller and lacks a big screen.. The E71 tries to address this gap.

Full QWERTY and a smaller screen…3.2 Megapixel Camera phone  .. GPS Wi-Fi

The black one looks really tempting ..

Nokia E66

A upgraded version of the E65  .. now has GPS , Wifi and a 3.2 MP Camera

Looks cooler in the sexy stainless steel casing common to duo

Both phones can now shoot VGA quality video .. Calling all Movie Makers !!

These phones are expected to retail at around Rs.20-22000 each

Any one upgrading their E Series ?

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Author: Varun Krish

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