Symbian^4 and Symbian^3 Screenshots Leaked!

We reported to you that the Nokia N8 was going to be announced. It is almost certain now about it’s launch and it should be released as the Nokia N87. It will most probably be running Symbian^3, so these screenshots are sneak peeks.

Here are the screenshots of UI (User Interface) from the next Symbian versions, Symbian^4 and Symbian^3. Nokia have skipped Symbian^2 and went directly to Symbian^3 and Symbian^4. The screenshots look good and would look even better live on a phone.

The Nokia N98 which is a better form of the Nokia N97 and a Maemo Tablet/Booklet are also rumoured to be announced. Symbian^4 devices are likely to be announced later on.

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Author: Sandeep Sarma

Sandeep Sarma is a blogger and a freelance photographer. Apart from gadgets and phones, he also has a passion for movies and cars. He currently uses the S7 Edge as his main phone. Catch him on twitter at @sandeep9sarma

  • Great news,
    hope to see nokia announcing it and releasing some good video demonstrating it.

    My biggest wish will be a launch date very soon, not months to wait.

  • Anders

    It´s not going to end up like this, at least the graphics itself will not be like this – we have already seen other screenshots of the Symbian^3 UI that are different (more beautiful), i.e. those presented at Nokia CMD December last year.

    But I´m making two thoughts when looking at these pictures: (1) That it may be wise for Nokia to present different types of graphics for different markets (i.e. in India people would prefer something different than in Europe) – and that one should be allowed to choose from a variety of options/skins, and (2) The most beautiful icons etc – seen in iPhone and many of the touchscreen phones today are not necessarily easy to eye and so it takes sometimes unneeded time to find the right icon, and that puts a brake on the user-friendliness. Beauty must be balanced with “practicality”. Overall iPhone does this well in many respects, though.

    If one are allowed to customize one´s homescreen with widgets (like on the Maemo), some of these problems disappears. Widgets with various sizes are much quicker to recognize than the 20 different icons on the iPhone home page. To be allowed to make one´s own homescreen is also something very important that Apple don´t seem to understand; the user need to make the phone his own, even if this means putting up background pictures of naked women, or ugly widgets. The iPhone is like a really nice and light apartment with trendy furnitures etc, but you´re not allowed to make any mess, you´re not allowed to make any noise, not allowed to paint the walls and so on, you´re not allowed to party and you should go to bed early every day. Still it may be nice to be in such an apartment for a while because of its beauty, but over time, it may feel more like a prison. I think this is starting to happen with the iPhone now (the type of people that initially embraced it are now starting to look for something else).

  • Ashok

    Will Symbian^4 ever be release as a Firmware update to N97 ? is it possible ?

  • apaul

    omg omg omg omg omg………… :o……..yes yes yes yes!!!!

  • Sumit Bhardwaj

    I am in complete agreement with Anders. Cant say it in a better way 🙂 Customization of UI is such an important thing, it keeps the phone new for the user for a longer time period. The more one can tinker with the phone, longer it remains interesting for him/her. One additional thing that I would like to add is apart from the number of options for customization, the way to apply these customization itself should give some level of flexibility. Like there may be a way to independently change the look and feel of individual UI components, ex. background, ringtone, color scheme, icons etc, but along with that a single click setting, like what we call themes, should also be there for those who dont like so much settings to do something as simple as changing the look of the phone. That way, the OS will cater for a broader audience.