Arun Sarin Steps down from Vodafone CEO post

May be being an Indian Himself he knew VodaFone India did terribly poor services and most of the subscribers are an unhappy lot.

Well thats not the reason why Arun is stepping down. Arun Sarin is Old He is 53 which is not quite old if he is working in India. Well Arun Sarin informed that he will retiring from the post of CEO of the worlds largest cellular conglomorate Vodafone. (PS Not in India though he is an Indian himself).

He made the company expand successfully into Romania, Turkey and Ofcourse The worlds Fastest Expanding market INDIA, where the company service is pathetic though.

he will be replaced by Vittorio Colao, the current Regional CEO of Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa for Vodafone.

Arun Said as i quote, “I’ve done what I came here to do. The time is right and the time is now.”

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Author: Team FoneArena

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  • I think this will be a big loss for the Vodafone people as Arun was a very dynamic person and a person who is very expensive losing with.. He’s an innovative person

  • karanbir

    What a bliss it must be for Arun for finally leaving this horrible company with the most pathetic serivice which you could ever find. A simple problem of activating the internet on my mobile could not be accomplished by the staff of this company and all i get from these totally unprofessional people are that try after some time and it should work or switch off ur mobile and try again. Have sent 2 messages VODAFONE TO 52586 to enable internet on the phone and a simple thing like that could not be accomplished.

  • amit singh

    sir .

    lots of corruption is going in bihar ——in land acquasition———–by akhilesh kumar chaudhrey and fully helped by

    network manager———-rahul pandey ..