Google Reader for iPhone new version out

Google Reader, the popular reader from the labs of Google is now available in a new avatar. Looking at the popularity of iPhone, Google has come up with an new upgrade doptimized version of Google reader that can be easily viewed on the iPhone. Now there is one more reason for me to love the Google Reader, I have been in love with Google reader since the day it was launched. Not a single day goes when I do not check my reader. I am sure there are many people out there who share the same sentiments and there will be even more people who use Google Reader and also have an iPhone. This news has come like a boom for them. iPhone is slowly shaping the landscape of companies who provide application for the web. First it was LinkedIn, the popular business/professional networking site, launching the optimized version of LinkedIn for iPhone and now Google launching the Reader for iPhone. Best part is you can use the iPhone Google Reader is the same way you use it on your desktop. You can start items, share them. Mail them apply reader skins and also expand and collapse news items. With so many functionalities that are easy to use iPhone optimized Google Reader will certainly strike a chord with the consumers/RSS Readers. There is no news whether the reader can be synchronized with other Google Services, but who cares, this functionality is more than enough.

[Image Via: Official Google Reader Blog]

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