Blackberry Master Control Program Beta 4 Now Available


Many a times we want our device to do something more than what it does; yeah we are humans, greedy by nature 😛 . Modding your mobile device OS is one of them. And if its a Blackberry device then nothing’s better than Blackberry Master control program. Blackberry Master control program beta 4 is now available for download.

Manages multiple USB Devices.
Performs ALL Java Loader commands and ALL Java Loader options – 100% – graphically.
Upgrade/Downgrade to any device OS that is installed on your computer – without having to uninstall other OS’s.
Relocates OS files to the same locations as CrackMem, so you can switch between MCP or CrackMem at will.
MCP is available via Windows Control Panel after installation.
Easy to access shortcuts to the most common BlackBerry tools.
Available in PortableApps version!
Available in Stand Alone version!
Backup & Restore 3rd Party Apps
Create ALX/JAD files

You can get your own copy of Blackberry Master control program Beta 4 here.

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