Video : Nokia 5230 + price drop now Rs.8499

The Nokia 5230 which was launched in India earlier at a price of Rs.9089 is now Rs.8499 only. The new price was announced at a Bangalore press meet and also the Kolkata meet. Short video of the 5230 after the jump.

This phone is one of the cheapset Symbian smartphones in the market right now and is a cut down version of the 5800 Xpress Music

If you check out the video above , the 5230 has many features which are present in the 5800 v40 update including the homescreen contacts , kinetic scrolling and the onscreen QWERTY keypad.

Anyone already using a 5230 here ? How do you rate this handset ?

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Author: Varun Krish

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    Come on guys.. I am using 32 GB and no problem..
    Just remember always use 75% of the total memory of the capacity of your card..
    Means if your card is 16 GB and you are using 12 GB you’ll never get any problem in operations..
    According to Nokia, 5230 supports 16 GB card.. But my 32 GB Sandisk is working like charm.. And believe me it is 22 GB full of videos and songs..

    • Siva

      what video formats is your cell supporting…
      i’ve the same phone but none of the file formats is supported by it till now.
      Can i have an additional software in my phone to play all types of videos or do i have to stick to Real Player provided to me default?

  • Rasheed

    hey friends,,, am gonna buy 5230… any problm display??? suggest me plzzzzzzzzzz….

  • mujtaba

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyy guys im crazy to buy this phone but im scared to have display problems is it a nice display phone and wt all things are there in the box…………….?


      hey guys,
      those who r using this Nokia 5230,do u got any problem with touch screen problem or not working properly, or any problem.

      plz help.

      i have decided to buy the Nokia but some friends tell me about samsung corby plus.
      for what should i go, plz suggest?/?

      • Yigendra

        No prob. Yaar u can take this phine….. I m using this phone fron past 4 month……. U should take this phone n enjoy yaar……

  • steph

    please advise. im planning to buy this phone tomorrow, but up until now im not yet firmed with my descision. please let me know if there’s some problem with this phone or none.

  • manish sharma

    Guys i m planning to buy nokia 5230 or 5235 plz suggest me which one is better and about the place from where i can get it a least price ?

  • shanker ray

    nokia 5230 is a no problem phone 5230 is recomended then 5233 because it has internal gps antena 5233 has some touch related issues too corby and star are bullshit because they are not smart phone nokia 5230 is best thing in the earth in 8000 rs i write this review with my nokia 5230 phone

  • johney

    I bought 5230 a couple of days back, it has been good so far, except that battery last for only a day… but this maybe due to my extensive phone usage ( 2-3 hours non stop call, extensive browwing and continous music, sometimes all simultaneously).

    The handwriting recognition is very good as I can write just like I write on paper, as long as I make sure I write each letter separately (unjoined writing).

    The only problem I faced is the display is not very good to read when it is in direct sunlight.

  • hi its very nice mobile.but not compare to iphone.

  • garvit

    awesome phone!!! no touch problems and it plays a large no of video formats. Browsing is very fast whatevr.. Its far better than corby. I m writing this with my 5230

  • shekhar

    great phone for a new generation thanks to nokia empire……….

  • The Nokia 5230 is a touchscreen phone with 3.2 inch screen. The mobile is 3G compliant and has got a 2 mega pixel camera. The 5230 comes with some advanced features like the accelerometer to enable auto rotation of images. Unfortunately the phone does not have wi-fi connectivity. This is not such a big issue in countries with 3G network but for India, it becomes a tricky issue and you need to be aware of it before buying the phone.

    • fazle rahaman

      if it has secondary camera it will be more better.we can make video call also.but wi-fi connectivity is not a big issue.