Nokia N900 Version 44.1 firmware update out for download

I just connected my N900 to my PC and checked for updates via Nokia software updater and was surprised to find a new firmware update for the device. The update is version 1.2009.44.1 and has been tested select members of the maemo community for a few weeks nowWhile the download and update is still going on will post the changelog once the update is done.

While I would love a major update. Users in the Maemo talk are describing this a minor update.

WARNING :  Using NSU might erase all your data(mainly settings,apps ) Wait for OTA update to appear in your app manager if you don’t want to loose data.

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • WilliePre

    Thank you verymuch for this info. I’m updating my N900 at this moment.

  • fr

    Actually this appears to be older than the version given to certain maemo community members to test which I believe is 2.2009.51-1.

    • Yep.. Looks like some changes in Application Manager have been made . We can get the future updates over the air without downloading a 160MB file on PC.

      • sathish

        this s available in app manager too OTA

      • Actually you could get *this one* over the air (I did). No need to connect to a PC at all.
        (It seems to be true though that changes to the app manager needed to be made so that it will be able to also handle the upcoming -51 release.)

      • Yes, I downloaded 1.20009.44-1 over the air (wifi) and it worked very well.

        This is not the firmware that I am waiting for to get my 3 sim card to work and it s probably 2.2009.51-1 that fixes this.

      • Larswad

        But why, Varun, is it that the PC/USB update is 160MB and the air update is only 18.5 MB? I have a hard time understanding why they would be different in size?
        Anyone know why?

        • The PC update contains the entire firmware and the OTA update contains only the incremental update. Thats the reason for the huge difference in size.

  • This has NOT been tested by community. This release is PR1.0.1.
    Community has been testing upcoming PR1.1. Also see the ChangeLog of this release. Please correct…

  • Joe.

    I got this update over the air. I was uncertain whether that was already implemented, so it was nice to see I didn’t need a PC. Update was about 18MB.

    Besides a few superficial changes, my phone charged when plugging it in. So let’s hope the charging issue is history. Other than that, let’s hope for more battery life at least. Would love for my phone to last a work day.

  • Robin

    If you use the OTA update then it will retain all your installed apps and settings. Using the Nokia Software Updater on the PC will wipe everything (so make sure you get a backup first) and should only need to be done if you actually have problems with the N900 which prevent it from working as intended.

  • SubCore

    If you update the Firmware using NSU as shown in the screen here, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR EXISTING SETTINGS AND APPLICATIONS!!!

    If you instead use the update provided in the Application Manager of the device itself, it will perform a seamless update, and you don’t lose anything!

    thought that might be worth mentioning 😉

    • dri

      My Application Manager tells me to use the NSU – how do I get the over the air update working?

  • flair

    is there a changelog available somewhere?

  • As Andre said, this is not the PR1.1 release that many are awaiting. And the update is available OTA – just refresh your app manager, make a backup and go.

    • Olivier

      It seems that the backup/restore doesn’t work for me anymore since I’ve upgraded to 1.2009.44.1, which deleted everything on my phone. Therefore, I can’t reload my contacts.

      The error message I have is that my phone is not recognised by the backup software when it is recognised by the Nokia PC Suite.

      Hope I’m the only one who had this error.

  • Roger

    I can’t get it to work, when I update in the app manager, it displays no updates. I search through the catalog but I don’t see the update there either.

    I’ve already check the product information in the “about product” section, i still have the old version. Is there any way i can get it through the n900 or would i also have to use the nokia software updater?

    I don’t want my settings to be reset =(

    • shtolik

      I don’t see this update either. Am I missing some catalogue? But I suppose this update should be installed from Nokia System Software Updates, which I have. It’s web address is
      Distribution: ./

      What else could be wrong?

  • sergio

    Hi *,

    Could anyone tell me what is the direct download link of the ‘Nokia Software Updater’ that I’ve seen in this blogpost? I can’t find it anywhere.

    At there are tools for pretty much every phone but not when I choose n900, even for the n800 and n810 there are tools there.

    My n900 is not updating.

    Steps I took:
    1- Launch App. Manager -> Update
    2- The update shows up: Maemo 5 1.2009.44-1 (22.6 MB)
    3- Select the update and click ‘Continue’
    4- It offers and recommends me to do a backup (So I did it just in case)
    5- Nothing else happens

    I’ve tried skipping the step 4, but I have the same result.

    Something to highlight is that the SIZE of the update it’s offering me is 22.6 MB instead of 18.5 MB

    I have the firmware version 1.2009.42-2. offers me only the following firmwares:
    – RX-51_2009SE_1.2009.41-1.VANILLA_PR_EMMC_MR0_ARM.bin
    – RX-51_2009SE_1.2009.42-11.002_PR_COMBINED_002_ARM.bin
    – RX-51_2009SE_1.2009.42-11.003_PR_COMBINED_003_ARM.bin
    – RX-51_2009SE_1.2009.42-11.203.2_PR_COMBINED_203_ARM.bin
    – RX-51_2009SE_1.2009.42-11_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin

    I’m new to the the n900 and Maemo, actually this is the first nokia device that I own.

    How do I get my hands on the 1.2009.44-1 firmware update?
    Am I doing something wrong, or trying to get it from the wrong address?
    A link to the firmware would be fantastic if anyone can provide it to me.

    Also alternative steps to install it from OSX, Windows or Linux are welcome, any of them would do it for me.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Just use the application manager and press check for updates. It will do this automaticly one a day och when you restart it. You need a working connection to the Internet for this.

      It looks to be the best solution to install the uppgrade with the application mananger on the phone. If you do it with any PC then you have to restore the backup yourself.

  • JD

    Maybe I never noticed it before, but after installing this upgrade, more apps appear to support Portrait Mode.

  • Tim Evers

    I updated to the new fw bud the thing is when i use application, and iam checking for updates it says no updates available. bud i do have 44-1 and i got 4 apps in total in the app manager