Bad news for BlackBerry users

The DoT (Department of Telecommunications) Government of India has issued a stern warning to telecom companies to put the required security system in place within 15 days or stop the services.

Officials in DoT said a directive had been issued to service providers to work with officials of Blackberry licensor Research in Motion (RIM) of Canada to provide fool-proof security system.

The services, if stopped will affect over 400,000 users of Blackberry. Airtel, Vodafone-Essar, BPL Mobile and Reliance Communications offer this premium service.

The DoT secretary recently said the government was keen to resolve the matter at the earliest.
A RIM spokesperson said they operate in more than 130 countries and respect the regulatory requirements of different governments.

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  • Jawahar Mehta

    The govt. has been wise. The countries security is of primary concern.

  • J.N.Nadkarni

    Of late,I believe, Blackberry has agreed to abide by govt regulations.
    A wise move on part of Blackberry, I must say.