iPhone 3G and 3GS release on Vodafone UK

While the whole India waits for iPhone 3GS to appear legally and legitimately on our shores, UK users now get another option to purchase iPhone. Vodafone is set to bring the phone to the “classes” on 14th January. After O2 and Orange, that’s the third operator for UK.

Apple iPhone 3GS

The pricing is more or less the same as the other two operators, with a free phone available on a 24 months contract of 45 and 75 pounds a month. The only difference appears in the pricing at 30 pound category where the number of minutes are double and you get unlimited free texts on Vodafone contract. This is for a 2 year contract period.

We all know iPhone did not have a good show on the Indian ground, because of its pricing. Now we can only wish that we could take the phone on a contract which does not leave a heavy dent in the pocket initially.

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