Drive with the new Blackberry Application

Never realized that we could have been missing on a feature on one of the finest phones, till I came across Drive . Bluetooth is so much good till the time a call comes through, but here comes an application that sorts out the problem of receiving mails and messages and your hands itching to check it out while driving.

Drive actually reads out your SMS or Mail as it arrives in the mail box, and can auto respond to the same. An excellent application for those busy individuals on the move. Easy to use, just set it to “On” while driving and it will read out your message in Crystal Clear voice.

Drive Safely Mobile Application
Drive Safely Mobile Application

There are two versions of the application. A free version, which limits its usage to 25 words per message, in a sweet female voice (ahem!!) . Or you can upgrade it to Pro for a one time fee of $13.95 only with 500 words read per message and an option of male/female voice. It can even read the Gender of the contact, if stored on the phone, and decide which voice to use.

The application is available at Drive website. The application is also available for Android handset and coming soon for iPhone and Windows Mobile.

PS: For people like me who gets all sort of Junk in their mail boxes, its really smart to leave it ON. Since my Gmail keeps on pinging me with all new mails, only after listening to the message I decided whether to jump on to the phone or not!!

Via – Drive Safely

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